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She's the first responsible for the birth of La Voliera, present from the first day of opening. Over the years she has specialized on the parrots (raising at the stick). She's also experienced about dogs, cats and a bit about all the other small animals. Moreover, she handles the administration, manages suppliers and she coordinates everybody's job. Competence and professionalism are her motto.

He collaborates with Fabiola at the general organization of the company. Always breeder of canaries, he is the author of their selection. Expresses a good knowledge of all breeds of birds and exotic natives. Follows first-person exhibitions throughout the period, ensuring the preparation and running the stand.

The newcomer, but not least, pursuing with great passion and skill the management of pet. She's the protagonist of the sales sector. You will find her in the retail store. ... Her best gift is ... a smile!

She has from always expressed her great passion for animals and she demonstrates every day managing all the babies with particular predilection for rodents, parrots and reptiles. She has an outgoing personality that permits to her to be particularly appreciated in sales. The experience that is gaining guarantees to her a future as a protagonist for the Voliera of the next years.

The last arrived, but already the protagonist thanks to his teaching experience, both in the administrative field than in the commercial, in which she takes care of all relations with foreign customers. Very good organizer of events (such as exhibitions), she occupies of the offers and promotions both for the domestic market and abroad. She collaborates with Enrica, to the management of our website and she deals with the receipt of goods. She participated with enthusiasm and passion to the realization of the aquarium sector whom is the principal expert. The experience that she is doing also in the sales will make her a complete protagonist for the future of our company.