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The wholesale is developed at the interior of huge rooms organized in a very functional and modern way.
It's divided in many different zone each one is destined to a particular use.

The range of available products is huge, and for what concerns feed supplements and for the equipments and the accessories.

A specific area is destined to live animals, with a remarkable array of species and types.

Particular attention is paid to the ornithology field for which we offer a very wide range of feed supplements, cages, aviaries and accessories of the best brands, in addition to live animals. Here retailers and breeders can find everything that they need to answer to the needs of their customers and of their breeding.

For the breeders signed up to F.O.I., La Voliera also represents a point of reunion and of comparison to what concerns the techniques of breeding, as well as finding all the news of the ornithological industry.

Birds available ( canaries of every species, exotics and native parrots) come from the best farms at home and abroad, constantly monitored to ensure good health.

The locals in fact, very healthy and sanitation are also suitable for the conservation of the products in the warmer months, thanks to the and air dehumidification.

The feed supplied with great frequency, are guaranteed for freshness, quality of origin and techniques of maintenance.

Parrots Area

Inside the structure one of the room is reserved exclusively to the breeding to the fence of baby parrots.

Here the healthiness of the subjects raised is guaranteed by the presence of numerous hot rooms that allow farming 'safe' for small parrots having separate the different broods and thus avoiding possible cross-contamination.

The air exchange system associated with an effective air purifier guarantee good air quality in the local of breeding; proven techniques for sanitizing minimize the possibility of explosion bacterial pathogens.

The great professionalism of the operators do the rest....