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We are able to collaborate in an active way with retailers of new opening both regarding the structural organization (logistic and sanitary), and for what concerns the supply and the initial range for the goodwill of the new activities.
Our more than ten years experience has enabled us to acquire a wealth of experience that today we can make available to new commercial operators in the sector of pet, by addressing these new activities on the best path to take, both with regards to the choices of staging and logistics, and with regards to the choice of the products, suggesting a various and essential range, to avoid unnecessary wastage and dispersions.

We have already collaborate with success to the beginning of new shops in this sector, to which we permitted a beginning without any problem and full of satisfaction.
About what regards the ornithological sector, we can offer constantly a big range of products a nd animals, fundamental to face the requests of the costumer and the necessity of the shop to maintain a varied assortment of high quality.