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When you decide to buy a little pet, for yourself or for your kids, is good to receive all the necessary information in order to avoid bad surprises.

It' s fundamental to pay attention to the characteristics of own environment ( air quality, humidity tax, light conditions and so on) and solve all the possible problems before to house the animal.

As important as is the choice of the pet, both for its aesthetic qualities, for what concerns the health, essential for a proper course of his future life.

Last but not least to the degree of importance is the choice of diet, according to the alternation of the seasons and the values of vitamin, protein etc.. whose pet needs at different stages of his life.

All of this, together to important suggestions and information, is part of our service that we give daily and for free to our customers, on the basis of our experience acquired over many years of breeding, as well as constant monitoring of veterinary medicine that characterizes our business.