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Our shop opened to the public is a permanent window of pet.

What in fact distinguishes us from the vast majority of shops in our industry is the continued presence throughout the years of various breeds of live animals!

What' s the sense of a pet shop where the presence of animals is little or even non-existent?!

The protagonist of our retail store is for that the live animal and not his photograph or its representation on a book!

From us you can find the most different breeds of birds coming from the best national breeding; and so canaries, parakeets, exotic species, native parrots in small, medium and large size.

Particular attention is posed on hand reared parrots, of which we have a big availability and all the necessary guarantees hygienic-sanitary.

We have always available little rabbits, hamsters, red fish, little turtles, dog and cat puppies and so on.

Moreover we have always available feedstuff of the best brands, for all the varieties and species of animals that we deal with daily.

Moreover, we also offer the exclusive line bird Biopast under the brand La Voliera, we designed and tested in the many years of our experience in breeding.

The food is complemented by a wide range of vitamins and supplements of various species and of the major companies in the sector.

A big space is used for the equipping, in particular cages and aviaries of which we have a wide permanent display.

And also you can find everything you need in the best way to care for your little friends!

Here you will find the right solution to solve any problem with your pet, thanks to our experience and professionalism that sets us apart.

SEE YOU THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!