Italian Version

It represents a very important element of our company.
During the years our stand evolved, both as structure and regarding the subject exposed

In the last years we gave more importance to live animals, taking for them a bigger space, while regarding the goods we take just the reserved ones and our exclusive products (Biopast and La Polentina).

The subjects exposed on sale are principally canaries of colour; there are also canaries of English races and indigenous changed of good quality, sometimes exotic animal and parrots of small size.
A fundamental principle to us is to propose only subjects of excellent quality, in addition to the perfect state of health.

Our customers recognize our professionalism on the choice and exposure of birds extremely lively, well-assorted and especially...beautiful!!!!

About the canaries of colour our stand express always a great variety and an high level of quality.
The subjects exposed come from our breeding and from many expert breeders and all are subjects highly selected.

The satisfaction that we receive back from year to year in squares already frequented, and meet farmers our customers over the past few years, that greeting us for the subjects bought from us over the past years, whose offspring has enabled him to win exhibitions more or less important.

All this is for us as well as great satisfaction, the confirmation of the excellent level of canaries we proposed!

Some of the national expositions represents for us fixed appointments to which we can not miss, both for the importance of the exhibition itself, which for the occasion to meet familiar faces.

We remember with pleasure the ornithological exposition of Macerata, Roma, Cesena and Reggio Emilia, without forget the appointment with the exposition of Florence, that we never miss.

For some years now, on the wings of success at the national level, we have extended our range of action beyond the borders, participating with success to some European exposition in Belgium and in Spain, last year (Spanish championship in Valencia).

We intend confirm these experiences also during the next years, keeping to export with proud in Europe canaries 'Made in Italy'!!!!